China Telecom IP Transit Service


ChinaNet is an Internet network in China with the most bandwidth users, the most extensive coverage, the most stable network performance, and the richest information resources, has the world’s leading Chinese Internet resources, and is the largest carrier network of Internet users group. ChinaNet Access is a Chinese Internet resource access service provided by China Telecom for worldwide operator customers and large-scale enterprise customers; it has such advantages as high access speed, high content quality, and excellent network service, and is the best choice to global customers to access to Chinese Internet resources.

Customer Benefits

ChinaNet has more than 2.3 million Chinese websites, manages 64.7% of Chinese Internet domain names, and owns more than 70% of Chinese Internet content resources. Provides global customers with many resources including information, video, real-time chatting tools, online trading, games, search engine, information services and so on.

ChinaNet has 53 million cable broadband subscribed users – accounting for 57% of broadband access market in mainland China, with the proportion of over 2M access reaching 98% nationwide. Among ChinaNet users, there are a vast majority of Chinese Internet companies, state-owned enterprises, financial services and high-tech enterprises, and it is easy for the communication between global enterprises and mainland China enterprises. Through access to ChinaNet, global operators and enterprises can interact more conveniently with 420 million Chinese Internet users (including broadband and mobile Internet).

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