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China Unicom is the owner of one of China’s largest IP networks, bringing you the unmatched capacity of the China169 network (AS4837), connecting China to the world. The China 169 IP network provides access to the most diversity-routed and highest-capacity IP backbone in the country, offering clients high-speed and reliable access to the Internet, unmatched scalability and extensive peering with Tier 1 global carriers and domestic Internet networks.

IP Transit

China Unicom International IP Transit is a high-speed Internet service specifically designed to meet the needs of Carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and content Providers (CPs). The service provides an extensive range of flexible and scalable IP connectivity solutions, and high-speed access to the Internet. Your network can connect to any of the China Unicom international gateways in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and overseas POPs.

Features and benefits

  • We offer a world class global IP backbone network with unmatched capacity to enable cost-effective access to China IP networks
  • Our diversified routing optimizes network performance
  • We offer extensive peering with global carriers and domestic Internet networks
  • We support various bandwidth and physical interfaces, including T1/E1, DS3 and STM-1/4, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  • We give you advanced IP over DWDN and gigabit routing switch technologies
  • Rely on our outstanding network performance, low latency and packet loss rate
  • We customize your access with high-speed and optional solutions, multiple access speeds and network transmission paths
  • We offer cost-effective access to China IP networks
  • Rely on our 24x7 trilingual Global NOC service and support

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

China Unicom Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service is a high-speed broadband Internet access offering dedicated access with committed-access-rate (CAR). We offer a premium class of local domestic and international access service quality.

Through our world-class global IP backbone network, China Unicom DIA brings customers to the information highway with excellent performance and superior reliability.

Features and benefits

  • We give you a high-quality and reliable network with guaranteed Internet bandwidth
  • Our path to the china Internet is protected by multi-routes
  • Our point-to-point dedicated transmission path ensures the highest security
  • Our “Always On” service provides efficient and instant access to real-time information
  • We offer multiple fixed IP assignments to handle various mission-critical Internet access service applications
  • Domain name and emai8l services are included
  • We ensure easy installation, configuration and re-configuration for bandwidth enhancement with no disruption to normal business activities
  • We offer leased line connection to the China Unicom IP backbone
  • Our partnerships let you interconnect with local and global IP carriers

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