G-Series Load Balancer

Get up to 8x speed increase to China with Peplink G-Series Multi-WAN Router

  • Load Balancing up to 13 WAN links at 1.5Gbps
  • GeoSpeed to distribute traffic to China based on user location
  • Quality of Service to improve VoIP and Custom Application Delivery
  • 4G USB Modem Support

Problem faced by Hong Kong enterprises with target customers from China

Very Slow connection speed for users from China

Problem resolved by Peplink G-Series 730 Load Balancer

With unique GeoSpeed capabilities in Peplink G-Series 730 Load Balancer, customers from China will reach the servers in Hong Kong through the China Telecom and China Unicom network directly.

Peplink G-Series 730 Load Balancer

  • 7 GbE WAN Links
  • Max. Concurrent Sessions: 300,000
  • Router Throughput: 800Mbps
  • Unique GeoSpeed function
  • For medium to large size enterprises

Peplink G-Series 1380 Load Balancer

  • 13 GbE WAN Links
  • Max. Concurrent Sessions: 1,000,000
  • Router Throughput: 1500Mbps
  • Unique GeoSpeed function
  • For large size enterprises

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